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Got Nothing

by - Juli 26, 2013

There's nothing left to say
Got nowhere left to go
I feel it in my heart beat
Can you feel my heart beat
I'm torn into pieces
Don’t know all the reasons
I'm taking back control

I can see you,
You're looking away
Like a player that's caught in the game
Tell me
Are you seein' somebody
Are you seein' somebody else
(yes somebody else in your past)

You can claim that it's all in my head
Talkin’ crazy well you pushed me to this
Tell me
If there really somebody
If there's really somebody else
I've got nothing left to say

You can tell me you love me the same
Stop pretending and just take the blame
(Show me)
That there's really nobody
’Cause I know there's somebody else (smb else)

St-st-stuttering because you got caught
Now i'm taking back all the lies that I bought
Gotta find me somebody
Gonna find me somebody else

There's nothing left to say
Got nowhere left to go
No telling me you can make this better
No asking me to forget your lies
It's gone too far you can't change a thing
About me

Maybe I forget about many years ago

Maybe in past I'm very broke your heart
No..no there's nothing I should told you
About in past or now

The best mistake i've is....
I open my heart for someone...
I dunno is a mistake or stupidness or anything else

Honestly ,
You really make my life and my heart broke into dust..........
You must be happy

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