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by - Januari 18, 2013

This time I’m gonna write my opinion about one of the greatest video game I’ve ever played. Suikoden (all of it’s series).
Do you ever hear that game? Well, perhaps this game didn’t gain a big popularity like ProEvolutionSoccer, Grand Theft Auto, or even Final Fantasy; but, for a RPG Lover like me, this game is a fabulous one.
Yes, Suikoden is a game which stand on RPG (Role Playing Game) genre. So, it’s not a big surprise if many gamer who spent most of their time playing ProEvolutionSoccer, Smackdown, CounterStrike etc didn’t know this game, since RPG genre is totally different than those one.
Well, if you ever had a trauma or some bad experience while playing RPG game, I suggest you not to read this post anymore, for I don’t wanna make you confuse with my writing. So if you think you’re ready for this, just check this out..
Suikoden has 7 installment series, It started in 1995 when Konami began to develop (perhaps) their first RPG game on Playstation console, and then the first installment of Suikoden was launched in 1995 named “Suikoden”. The result was impressive , this game is well-accepted by many gamers. So, in 1999 they launched the second installment of this series, Suikoden II; and guess what? This game was got many positive reviews and high ratings among the gamers. Some gamers even said that this game probably could match the greatness of Final Fantasy VIII which is launched at the same year as Suikoden II.
After the transition of console, from Playstation to Playstation2, Konami finally released the third installment of the series and also the first installment for PS2 console. Suikoden 3 then was named as one of the greatest RPG game in PS2. In 2005, Konami launched the fourth installment of Suikoden series: Suikoden 4. Well, unfortunately, despite the much better graphic than it’s previous series, this game was unable to satisfy the fans. Suiko4 gameplay was mostly different that Suiko3. Many fans yelled this game as “The Worst Suikoden ever” (I’ll tell you why, later)
Still in 2005, Konami launched Suikoden Tactics. Actually I don’t think I should compare, or call this game as a solid part of Suikoden series ( I think this game is probably just a spin-off series)
Finally in 2006, Konami launched the fifth installment of Suikoden series, and perhaps the final installment in PS2 console (I doubt whether Konami will launch the following series in PS2 console). SuikoV was succesfully restored the glory of Suikoden series after SuikoIV almost ‘destroy’ the entire Suikoden’s legacy.
For NintendoDS, Konami also released Suikoden Tierkreis, but since I never played this game, I won’t give any comment about this one.
Alrite, from my little explanation, we already have known the five main series of Suikoden. Suikoden I, II, III, IV, V. Well, I had played all the 5 series, started from SuikoII-SuikoI-SuikoIII-SuikoIV-SuikoV. Okay, let’s move on to my opinion for each series.
Suikoden I
Epic. That’s my first impression when I played this game. Well, when this game came out to public (1995), many RPG games were so FinalFantasy wannabe, turning FinalFantasy into a foundation of RPG game. But, Suikoden gave us so much different gameplay that almost totally different than FinalFantasy. Then what makes it different? So tell me guys, do you ever play a game that is enabling you to play more than 60 playable characters? Yep, this is the main difference between FF and Suikoden. While FF only let you playing with at most 10 playable characters, Suikoden give you an access to play 60 playable characters.
Suikoden provides a different taste of playing RPG. There are 108 recruitable characters, about 60 characters are usable in battle, the rests are support-type characters.
Suikoden also provides you 3 different mode of battle–perhaps never been developed in other RPG games. The first mode is normal battle, this system is ordinary one; like fighting in a random encounter, bossbattle. You may use 6 characters in this mode. The second is one-on-one battle. Your character will face it’s enemy in one-on-on fighting sequence, this mode only let you to choose 3 option in battle: attack-defense-full attack. It’s kinda remind me to Jan-Ken-Po (Rock-Scissor-Papper) game, attack is stronger than defense, defense is stronger than full attack, full attack is stronger than attack. The last mode is strategy battle. Well, I’m little bit unfamiliar with strategy battle in Suikoden I, since there are only few strategy battles in Suikoden I (I forget about this one, honestly), but as you can imagine, strategy battle is a quite tricky rather than the other two mode of battle.
I think the explanation above is enough to describe what is the main difference between Suikoden I than other RPGs. I suggest you to play the game by yourself to get more excitement. (Oh, this game is a rare one, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a hard time finding this game, so good luck)
Suikoden II
This game is awesome. This game is keeping up the same gameplay from SuikoI, with the improvement of graphic. SuikoII makes SuikoI look alike a messed up house. I’m serious guys, Konami seems so damn serious with the development of this game. They fixed the bad part from SuikoI and turning it into a great one. The characters are given better personalities, with more intriguing stories but also touching the heart who plays the game. Many lines and beautiful quotes are spoken from the characters. So why should you doubting yourself to play this game. Just play this game as soon as you can, guys. Though you didn’t play SuikoI, I believe you’ll be able to adapt with it’s
gameplay quickly.
*) Hmm, I wonder why there is so many people try to compare this game with Final Fantasy VIII and IX. It doesn’t necessary. Are you gonna compare 4-disc video game that takes at least 30 hours to complete with one disc video game which is able to finish within 13 hours? C’mon, You may get frustrated when play FF8 (especially when you don’t know where to go and get stuck), but Suikoden II is a simple one which would lead you to an excitement rather than depression.
Suikoden III
Much much much different than it’s previous series, but still get the ‘taste’ of Suikoden. I’ ll give a little spoiler so it would be easier for me to explain about this game (skip this part if you think the spoiler will give you less excitement when you play this game later)
There is no main hero in this game. You can play 6 different main characters within their point of views. I mean, when you choose to play character A, you’ll advance the story through the character A point of view. If you choose character B, you’ll go with his point of view. But don’t worry, you can play them all; well, you must play with 4 different main characters through their point of views to advance the story of the game. The other 2 are optional main characters.
This kind of gameplay surely will force you to spend more time if you really want to finish this game. Normally it’ll take 20-30 hours, depend on how you play it.
It’s still keeping up 3 mode of battle like previous series. But for the normal battle, it’ll be a little bit different than other Suikoden series. I think this new mode is made the enemy look harder than it should. This new mode will really really piss you off when you reach the final boss. Find it out by yourself.
What about the story of the game? It’s a good one, but far from great. I’ll give it 6,5/10.
Suikoden IV
Perhaps this game was a great game; but if it was great why the hell is people keep saying that this game is horrible?
It’s kinda hard for me to give my opinion about this game. It’s pretty hard, dude.
Okay, let me start from it’s graphic. It’s excellent. 3D environmental, the characters is also looked more proportional, the graphic is the best of the entire series (comparable to Final Fantasy XII).
Gameplay. The gameplay is quite good and exciting….. Oh, let me get straight to the point.
This game is really really pissed me off. This game ain’t challenging (my opinion). Most of enemies are relatively easy. And if you want, you can level up all your fightable characters into level 99! I’m serious guys, it only takes hmm perhaps 15 hours of gametime to level them up to level 99, then noone will kick your ass again in this entire game. I can beat up the final boss with 2 characters using only “Unite” attack, without using rune. You maybe think that I’m joking rite? Hahaha but honestly, I didn’t joke.
And what makes this game is became so boring: the map. Yes, I mean the map of the world. Less than 15 cities and dungeons is available in this game *cmiiw*. Too few for a game that have a lot of fanatic fans. Lol.
Oh, beware if you had a seasick. I suggest you not to play this game. Because you’ll spend most of your gametime in SEA. Hohoho
Oh well, you only able to use 4 characters in normal battle. It doesn’t make you shock, does it?
Suikoden V
The ultimate series. Thanks to this game, the reputation of Suikoden series is restored. This game gives you the ‘old taste’ that had been missing since Suikoden 3. The aura of SuikoII could greatly smelled here.
Don’t worry, this game is quite easy to play. And the best thing is: NO MORE SEA.
The map of SuikoV is quite large. So many area and places that exploreable. The castle is also awesome, huge and nice looking.
The enemy is relatively weak here. Near the end of the game–with some trick–you can do the ultimate money farming. I finished this game with 13 millions Potch. Oh well, about the final boss hmm he is weak, I think.
The battle system is returned to SuikoII system for normal battle mode (6 char). And the strategy battle is kinda remind me to Suikoden I. Yep, the strategy battle here is so damn confusing and hard if you’re not familiar with it.
The graphic is quite good too; though it’s incomparable to SuikoIV graphic. The music is so epic, it will remind you to the first two series, the map and almost everything. You should give this game a try.
That’s all my opinion. Hmm maybe you expect me to explain more, but guys, it’s better to let you feel the excitement of Suikoden series by yourselves, seriously.
Okay, I’ll place Suikoden II as the best Suikoden game I’ve ever played. Then Suikoden III, for it had given me a different sensation. Then Suikoden V, for a long long gametime and reunion with old taste. Suikoden I goes next, for it’s creativity and it’s solid gameplay. The last is Suikoden IV, well I’m a little bit sad to place this game at lowest position, but I play Suikoden to have some fun, not to have some seasick and being oscillated .
*) FYI: The original concept of Suikoden and it’s 108 stars/characters is somehow based from Chinese novel, Water Margin *cmiiw*

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