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Rabu, 14 November 2012

Effects of Excessive Love Korea Culture for Youth Character Development SMAN 2 Bengkulu in the Era of Globalization

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KPOP fever among teenager are like own children released pig in jungle maintained. The easy diffusion of cultural globalization due to the effects of globalization facilities individuals consume a variety of information foreign cultures that exist thoughout the world. Now day many teenager don’t know about their cultures, so our national culture can disappear and change by new culture which can’t accordance with the ancestors of our country’s personality. Love culture of Korea (KPOP) to highlight excessive make a enough significant character start from deify singer, imitating the behavior of an idol, until the comsumptive lifestyle of teenager. Social change that considered one eye can’t not go unpunished. Some effective tips like make a schedule of daily activities, make an estimated income and outcome every month, parental supervision. Attention and support from other parties are required in order maintained noble culture in the generation to advancing our nation. Don’t let us be colonized by other nation for the umpteenth time.

Keywords : cultural, globalization, character, teenager

Researcher :

  • Meiria Kurnia Utami
  • Gita Novianti Suliawan
  • Kiky Yolanda Hakesi

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